Looking forward with joyful heats to welcome your support which you have already begun extending.

"The greates lagacy any man can leave is the development of others gifts."

We bring you greetings from our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. God ha always been good to man and yet agin he has poured out more goodness in the form of gifts which he promised to send down upon us through the Holy Spirit. We are seeking support and partnership to promote the gifts God hs poured upon us these last days which are in the form of Hevenly Encounters, music, movies, comedies, clothing lines, adverts and books. 

We firmly believe that God in these last days will make massive changes to the lives of souls through these gift, which drives us to hold on in strong faith that this great move by God is directed to indeed win souls for His Glorious Kingdom. As a direction from our Father in Heaven, we extend wishes that you will join this great caue for the Lord and as you see His vision and set it above personal interest, you will be Graced to reach out to support.

Wherever you are as an individual/ministry/organization, we believe and continually do pray that the good Lord will forever bless you and increase you. Looking forward with joyful heats to welcome your support which you have already begun extending.

Thank you!

As Kingdom Sake Evangelism partner, you will receive:

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Where does my gift go?

We always want the best from God, therefore when you give, you should plant the best seed you have whin you give, you are planting seeds that will be multiplied back unto you. Partnership decision to give God your best. Your daily / weekly / monthly gift of GHS 1.00 / GHS 5.00 / GHS 10.00 / GHS 20.00 / GHS 50.00 / GHS 100.00 / GHS 200.00 or more will support kingdom sake envagelism team as a whole, including both broadcast and humanitarian aspects of the ministry.

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Payment Information

All donations and support can be sent to: 024 340 1429

For Questions or Enquiries

You can write us at anytime or call us at;